Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Future of Cell Phones

In response to the comments on my previous post, I am going to be posting three posts: one on cell phones, one on computers, and one about the internet. They will all feature what is predicted to change with these every day innovations and how they will improve over time. I hope they provide some insight as well as provoke thoughts. Most of all, I hope you enjoy!

Our cell phones can already do amazing things, including calling almost anyone on the planet from almost any location, sending emails, web surfing, sending pictures/videos/recordings, and much more. I think it's quite safe to say that we all enjoy these every day pocket miracles very much, in which we have many technological developers to silently give our thanks to, and would find ourselves quite lost without them. Despite how amazing they already are, they will only be getting better in the near future. Examples are handheld game consoles, portable televisions, and even credit cards! Others are more advanced designs as to increase battery life as well as quicker internet connectivity via Wi-Fi internet. Also, cell phones will be replacing cameras for their cameras will be equal to or better at 8 megapixels and beyond. Now, this won't be in some great new age many years to come where hovercrafts fill the sky and we have established interstellar colonies. No, this will be in the next few years. So, you can expect many great new things regarding cell phones, things that will blow you away more than the iPhone 4. And we all know how beautiful that gadget is!
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  1. Hmmm there is the true wonder of technology. Good catch good sir.

  2. cell phones have expanded so much, i do wish mine had more battery life tho. it dies really fast

    im looking forward to your future posts

  3. i need more battery life and more durability, not some gadgets and a screen bigger than a schoolhouse

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  5. Nice post! I'm really interested in technology! its related to my studies ^^