Monday, October 4, 2010

Spray-On Clothing

Today, while looking for some awesome gadget to share, I stumbled across spray-on clothing. The name itself evokes wonder and awe, for it is a concept that is seemingly impossible if it were not able to be witnessed or experienced. But, it is possible, and it broadens our glimpse into the wonderful future ahead! This technology, developed by Manel Torres along with scientists at Imperial College London, works in a way similar to silly string. Despite this, it truly consists of tiny fibers mixed with polymers that are dissolved into a solvent, allowing them to be prayed from an ordinary aerosol can! Once sprayed on, the clothing can be simply removed and thrown into the washing machine and dryer along with everything else. And if you don't like your creation, you can simply dissolve it back into the solvent and spray it again in a different manner. A minor con is that when initially sprayed on the clothing is cold but, since it dries on impact, warms up in little time. This amazing technology is being further developed into spray-on bandages used to dress injuries immediately. Read more at, and enjoy the demonstrative video as well!


  1. that could be so freaking cool, if it didn't look like you were attacked by spiderman

  2. Haha well, I'm sure it will come in different colors and styles, since it is still in the developmental stage. Only time will tell!

  3. can i use this to swing off buildings?